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Lifestyle for pets

The use of decent and rich materials are standard requirements of EBI. Going back to the essentials by high quality, functionality and innovation. Inspiration comes from all over, being different by making new, distinctive things makes EBI unique.

Meet the design team !

Public perception can make or break a brand. Each individual brand, and all the products associated with that brand, is built upon a concept. Twice a year, the development team takes a close look at current trends to be sure that the products we offer are in line with customers’ home décor styles. New products are then restyled based on the needs and desires of the market.

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The latest trends

Innovation is a real buzz word with our development team. EBI products are developed using the latest and most durable materials, and with a keen eye for contemporary interior design trends, ensuring that they always look great in any home. Each brand expertly showcases and brings to life its own range of products.