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Design your own terrarium universe with Terra Della

Discover the range of terrarium decoration and accessories from Terra Della! Our decorative pieces are made from high-quality polyester resin and are available in various themes, such as hiding spots for reptiles with a natural rocky appearance. At Terra Della, we understand that reptiles can easily develop stress if there is no safe place in the terrarium where they can retreat to rest or nest. The absence of a stable resting place can affect the activity and appetite of the reptile. That's why our decorative pieces offer the perfect solution to create a comfortable environment for your reptilian companions.

Why choose Terra Della?

  • Quality and craftsmanship: Our decorative pieces are carefully crafted from high-quality polyester resin, ensuring durability and a realistic appearance.
  • Variety of decoration: They do more than just enhance the visual appeal of your terrarium; they also provide crucial hiding and nesting spots for your reptiles, promoting both the aesthetic charm and the health of your terrarium inhabitants.
  • Safe hiding spots: The hiding spots for reptiles offer a natural rocky appearance and create a secure place where your reptiles can rest and nest, reducing stress.
  • Realistic plastic terrarium plants: Terra Della also offers a range of highly decorative plastic terrarium plants with an extremely realistic look. Thanks to high-quality materials and a sturdy resin base, these plants are hardly distinguishable from real ones and add a natural touch to your terrarium.
  • Bark substrate for terrariums: Our bark substrate for terrariums is an absorbent substrate made from wood bark. It is suitable for semi-moist and rainforest terrariums and regulates the humidity in the terrarium as needed. Ideal for large reptiles and rainforest residents.
  • Terrarium sand: Our terrarium sand is washed and sterilized under heat before packaging. It is available in different colors, allowing you to customize the color of your terrarium. This substrate is suitable for desert and sand-dwelling reptiles and helps create the most natural environment possible, stimulating egg laying and natural digging activities.

Choose Terra Della and create a comfortable and realistic living environment for your reptiles. Order today and provide reptiles with the ideal place to rest, play, and thrive!

Discover here how Terra Della's decoration comes to life:

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