Growth and improvements take Laroy Group to higher level

Growth and improvements take Laroy Group to higher level

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Warehoude upgrade

We are thrilled to unveil our recently completed warehouse, a cutting-edge facility dedicated to the intake and storage of pet products. 

The project commenced in 2021 and is now complete,  boasting an impressive increased capacity with an additional 13,950 pallet places. Designed to meet the growing demands of the pet industry, our warehouse provides a secure and efficient storage solution for a wide range of pet-related products. Our new facility offers ample storage capacity - up to 30,000 m² - under the best conditions for pet food, bedding and accessories. This has increased our total number of pallet places to 33,000 and the surface area of our Wondelgem site to 47,132 m².

Thanks to the dedicated receiving area, our warehouse ensures seamless receipt of incoming products into one of our 30 loading bays. Our experienced team is well versed in handling these items with care, ensuring that they are received, inspected and stored in optimal conditions.

Located in Wondelgem, near Ghent, our warehouse benefits from its strategic position with excellent transport connections. This enables timely and reliable delivery to our customers across the region.

And we’re not done! In the second half of 2023 we will be implementing a new Warehouse Management System. Embracing innovation and forward thinking is essential for driving growth and providing exceptional service to our customers.

This proactive approach will  reinforce Laroy Group’s commitment to delivering "Excellence in Pet Products".


(New) Home for people

The demolition of our old headquarters building (at the site of the new warehouse) has presented us with a unique opportunity to consolidate all our departments under one roof. By housing all services in a single building we anticipate enhanced communication, collaboration, and synergy among teams, fostering a more cohesive and integrated work environment in our ‘home for people‘.

Furthermore, the refurbished office space provides an opportunity to design a modern and sustainable workspace that aligns with our company’s values.

At the beginning of 2023 we completed a comprehensive renovation of the facade of our Laroy Group headquarters’ main building. This transformation aligns the building’s exterior with the brand style of our new warehouse, creating a cohesive and modern aesthetic. It creates a harmonious visual identity for our headquarters, reinforcing our commitment to providing exceptional service and reflecting our position as a leader in the pet industry.

The renovated facade and the upcoming works on the car park not only enhances the appearance of our company but also represents our ongoing investment in creating a welcoming and modern environment for our staff, partners, and visitors.

The updated interior and exterior are testament to Laroy Group’s dedication to continuous improvement and growth.

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